On my way to Hamburg with a Hangover for what’s going to be a long weekend in every respect so a quick update before my brain shuts down.

Yesterday was spent re-drafting a full length script and firing it off to a couple of places. It was the first draft that this script has properly veered away from autobiography, which was initially a bit sickening but provided me with the freedom to make it a better play overall. Reverence is the enemy of craft, it seems. Write what you know, then play with what you don’t. I’m starting to feel that I’ve a fairly solid body of work now. Just need to get cracking on that feature.

I also met Eve at the Soho on Wednesday. She’s going to be directing the radio version of I Can See My House From Here, and pleased to say that not only was she fun to talk to, she seems to know her beans too. I was told that people had fought over who’d get to direct it, which is always good for the old ego.

See you soon, kids.

I Can (Hear) My House From Here

A director got in touch with me on behalf of the Invisible Theatre radio company, to let me know that they’re to record a radio version of I Can See My House From Here at the beginning of July, casting it within the next couple of weeks. Pretty excited about that. It’s different from the film version, but I think it will inform the way I develop that version. Bloody love radio. Need to think of some exciting ideas for it…

Friday Afternoon Treat

Here ya go, the first draft of The Clapham Disco RiotsAn irreverent response to all the riot response plays that popped up. Would need a lot of development to go anywhere (Off the top of my head: cliche in parts of plot development, some characters hang around with nothing to do for ages [even if that is sort of the point], one is a bit undeveloped and one main antagonistic relationships isn’t really brought to fruition) and not really sure if I would want to make that happen, but it was a fun palette cleanser to write anyway, and in the event I don’t do anything with it just thought you might like a a read of what a first draft looks like.

Otherwise, had a productive meeting today about developing I Can See My House From Here. Potential director really pushed me to basically make it the best script I can. Mission accepted.

The Little Script That Could

Got an email a couple of hours back saying the radio script I did of I Can See My House From Here has won a little competition and will get professionally recorded. Developing it as a short film at the moment, so it’ll be interesting to see what works and what doesn’t with the radio version. Either way, I’m pleased – it’s a small piece and back from my “getting rid of old people” phase, but it got me into CSSD, a BBC Writersroom workshop, quarter finalled in a competition and now this. Fond memories of writing it upside down on a sofa in a Putney ex-council tower block circa 2010!

To Do List

Today I:

– Re-registered as self employed after a hiatus of a couple of years.

– Identified a laser printer to buy, which will become my first business expense. No more CSSD printing for me, alas!

– Caught up with the BBC 2 doco series Tankies, which Alex had worked on. Fascinating and taught me a lot about an aspect of WWII I hadn’t a scooby about.

– Got up at 6am and ran for an hour and a half in the 0 degree Celsius air whilst snow fell softly all around. Worth it though, if not just for seeing the frost clinging to the outside of the Oval.

– Wrote up the notes for rewriting Ayodhya that came to me late last night.

– Added more to one scene in True Brits. 

– Finished reading Town by DC Moore (It worked well, but I felt like I’ve seen that play a hundred times before – was expecting more of the John Clare “walking home” angle that the blurb made out)

– Planned out my work schedule until the end of April. This involves getting every main bit of work I have up to scratch (Ayodhya, True Brits, A Grateful Nation and Bump) and figuring out where and when to submit them to places, writing up a couple of shorts (The Clapham Disco Riots and a little radio play version of I Can See My House From Here), putting in a week of solid research at the British Library on the long neglected The Oath and, finally, properly starting projects that I’ve had bouncing around for a while: A first draft of a the play Kaleidoscope and scribbling together a pilot + 5 other episode synopses for the TV series Starting Up. 

Now all of this is great – but I didn’t really do what I was meant to, which was a tonne of work on True Brits alone so as to absolutely get it finished for Wednesday. I still think it’s possible, I’ll just have to pull my socks up a little tomorrow! Got to get cracking on that new draft of Ayodhya next week.


[Oh! I did also get a nice e-mail from Bush Green letting me know that Bump (Draft 4) had gone through to a second round of reading with a senior reader. I submitted it back in August so whilst I’d forgotten all about it, it was a heartening surprise, especially as I wasn’t too sure what to do with that script and assumed it was a write off.]

Sprint Finish

Yesterday, after a second round of feedback from Farokh and a ten hour writing session I think I’m mostly done with Bump. A tweak or two here or there would help perhaps, but in the main I’ve nothing huge to add to it and getting a bit sick of making minor tweaks.

I didn’t do Kaleidoscope in the end, preferring to polish up Bump, but I will hit it next week after finishing off Clapham Disco Riots by Sunday.

After that straight onto Commercial Movie, it doesn’t end!

On the plus side, I met Mr. Facey today and he might be able to help me out with skydiving contacts for I Can See My House From Here. Handy….hopefully!