Who’s This Then?


I’m Vinay. I’m 33 (!).

I live in Lambeth, London. It’s about 12 miles from where I was born. (Sidcup – should be familiar to all you Pinter fans)

I spent my formative years in Dartford, a town situated near the twin majesties of the M25 and Bluewater Shopping Centre, before escaping to Exeter for three years in order to look at some books and meet lots of people who say “yah” un-ironically.

I like to write intimate pieces that make you laugh, make you think and make you feel. I reckon if you can do that for a person, their day’s a little bit brighter and their life’s a little bit better. They might even kiss their kids goodnight.

I really wish I’d written Groundhog Day.

Or The Apartment, from where this blog gets its name.


Through this blog, I attempt to chronicle all that writing, and the life that feeds it. Whilst it was originally set up to provide a good run of ideas and reviews from the June 6th 2010 through to the end of my MA, it started becoming a stopping off point for issues I wanted to give due time to, and an outlet for pretentious 4 a.m. rambling.

I’m also a keen photographer, (my work has been exhibited at Boxpark, Shoreditch as part of the glorious Capture Collective and I was shortlisted for a prize by the National Theatre) so you’ll also find the odd picture up here n’all.

So I guess it’s best to see this as as part forum, part gallery, part diary, published publicly to keep me honest.

Argue with me, please. I’m often wrong but won’t realise it unless you confront me (as a dramatist, I’m a big fan of conflict ho ho).

You can find me on Twitter @vinaypatel

or at my website: www.vinaypatel.co.uk


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