An Ode To Cecily and Robbie

(Composed with quotations from and references to American cinema of the 1970s and 80s)

“There can only be one!” claimed Connor MacLeod
But this immortal Scot could’ve allowed
A greater meaning to this cry

Because there’s more that it implies
See, it’s not just about eternal life
It’s what one should be thinking when choosing a wife.

Did this thought cross the mind of another young Scot?
Dreaming of girls on a dreary backlot
Did he hold his breath. Make a wish. Count to three?

How else to summon a Cecily?
Once she appeared, did he run to her side
Screaming “hang on lady, we going for a ride?”

And what of dear Duckett, art department extraordinaire!
Crafting a prop with listless despair
Oh those days are lonely and long

But did a voice drive her on?
Promising a future of fun
If you build it, he will come.

However it happened, grail knights would agree
That Robbie and Cec have chosen wisely
They’re no longer rovers

That’s it man. Game over, man. Game over.
Loneliness has passed!
They came. They saw. They kicked its arse.

And I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe
I tell you, this couple is just one of these
Because while one might surmise

When you grow up, your heart dies
Here that claim’s blown away
These are warriors of love that come out to play.

So we wish you the best
There’s no doubt for us here
You’ll be Excellent To Each Other for the rest of your years
Then be ghosts with the most but before you expire
You’ll work through the night pursuing desires
And greet every dawn with a breath of fire!

As light chases dark and lifts up the sky
Guy turns to gal and gal turns to guy
Hands locked in hands, eye locked on eye
And together they’ll say


…Go ahead, make my day.”

Written for Cecily & Robbie
– Hitched 19th January 2020 (In Hahei, New Zealand)