Homestead at Kings College Arts & Humanities Festival

First post in a while! Sorry…I’ve been “Going Through Some Things TM” as well as taking on a lot of work. Normal service will resume shortly.

For now, here’s a short I wrote for a project called “COLONY PART ONE”, a night of poetry’n’plays curated by playwright Jingan Young (who also had a couple of pieces in the mix) for the Kings College Arts & Humanities Festival. Other scribblings were provided by Tom McMullan, Lydia Thomson, Allan Johnson with a poem by Jack Underwood and an installation by artist Aowen Jin rounding it out.

It ran for five nights in October in a sneaky little bar downstairs in the Kings building on the Strand. Strong audiences, met some fantastic actors that I’ll hopefully get a chance to work with again and I got to see the London skyline from a central rooftop on a night with high clouds. The skyline’s a mess. A beautiful, beautiful mess.

Overall, it was a joyful project to be a part of, involving sweat, rum, UV paint, blind internet collaboration, 3 AM meals at Hungs in Chinatown and possibly the most bizarre night out I’ve had in years. Lots of a beautiful, hard-to-find Adnams ale, some terrifying dance moves and to round it off I got bitten (twice) by a ferociously angry wanna-be intellectual/alpha male who I think was figuring out his inner conflicts by attacking others in a sexually aggressive fashion. Can’t wait for Part 2.

The play itself I enjoyed writing but think there’s room for more to it. Think I’ll expand it out to something around 20-25 minutes.

Click here to read for now – enjoy!

More photos here


2014-10-25 13.36.01

2014-10-24 19.50.53

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