Like Buses

Ok, so somewhat unexpectedly (to me, anyway) I found out that my pitch for Channel 4’s Coming Up strand, has been taken to treatment. Doesn’t mean it will necessarily go anywhere, but it’s nice to have the opportunity.

Either way, looks like the second half of this year is going to be chaos for my social life. Will blog about the process, as with the BBC thing. Here’s a wee synopsis of my pitch:



Genre: Drama (with some comic and gothic elements)
Summary: A multi-stranded narrative spanning the last day of a village before it’s destroyed to make room for a new runway.
Themes: Progress vs History, National interest vs Local interest, Now vs Future, Home, Escape.
Questions: Is it necessary to sacrifice the past in order to make the future? What compels us to make the futures that we do?

A doomed young friendship belatedly becomes something more. Three old friends turn on each other as they acknowledge a grim future. A misanthrope finds some humanity. Rainsford still has a few stories to tell before its bulldozed in the morning.

GHOSTS OF THE A380 would be warm, funny, dark human story with a fin- de-siècle feeling that would lend itself to elegant and poetic visuals. It’s a story that explores what home means to different people existing in the same space.


That’s all for now. Time to get cracking. x

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