Carry On My Playword Son


With True Brits out of my hands for a week or two, I’ve taken the opportunity to crack on with the second draft of Free Fall. It’s taken me a good long while to figure out what this play is truly about but I think I’ve nailed it now and that makes the process so much easier.

The play is an extension of a shorter piece of mine and (currently) comprises 4 long scenes played out over 75 odd minutes. One of the reasons this is is that I like to set myself challenges when I start a project and this is the culmination of an earlier challenge. You see, I used to have a problem with length (way-hay!). I just couldn’t figure out how to sustain a scene for beyond a couple of pages. So I made myself do it. In Ayodhya. In Bump. And I think I’m managing it to best effect yet in this play. I hope so.

One thing I know though, my next piece is definitely going to be a pacier bastard, chock full of snappy scenes. It’ll also have about eight characters instead of one or two. Never done anything like that – another challenge for sure.

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