Difficult Second Album


Ok, now you know. Onward.


True Brits has yet to be performed but it’s already done well for me. Meeting upon meeting and an agent to boot. I don’t say this to brag but because of that success there is drawn a little spike of paranoia. It’s my first *proper* play, but I’ve written a couple of others and none of them has landed quite as strongly as True Brits has. As I start gearing up to rewrite one play and prepare to write the one after that, I can’t help but think: “Why True Brits? What’s in this one that connected?” Of course, to search for such a thing is to invite a descent into madness but you can’t help but wonder can you? It’s not that I don’t understand the reaction. Pushing away from my table having written the second draft of the play, I knew it was probably the best thing I’d ever written even if I wasn’t entirely surely why. Two theories present themselves.

My great worry is that the reason it’s “better” than my other stuff is because it’s the most personal thing I’ve written. People in the writing world talk a lot about the stories only you can tell and if I only had one play that I could write, it would probably be this one, I care so much about it. I’m *interested* in other stories, of course, and I’d like to think I have a degree of personal investment in everything in write, just the central character in True Brits was the closest analogue to myself that I’ve ever created (initially at least). Has this infused it with some glorious quality that was lacking in my earlier scribblings and will potentially be missing from future ones?

My great hope is that it’s the best thing I’ve written because it’s the newest. Perhaps disparate parts of my writing have slowly started to click into place as I’ve gotten better at my craft. As I start proper work on my redraft of Free Fall next week this is the hope I’ll be clinging to. Vinay The Craftsman not the Vinay With The Diary-Writ-Large. Ultimately, drab and overfamiliar as it sounds, you can’t try and do better than your last script in terms of reception – all you can do is type ’til you’re sure you can’t do any better and hope it finds its audience.

So please do come see my bloody plays, yeah?

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