True Brits Is Going To Edinburgh

Well. I’m on the hook for it now.

True Brits is off to the Edinburgh Fringe, 31st July til 25th August at the Baillie Room, Assembly Hall. Our slot is 5.40 P.M. which I’ve heard is good, but I don’t know. Having never been to Edinburgh myself, I have effectively crowd sourced all my knowledge and so far it’s done me well. Venue, director, time is set. Producer looks promising. Actor uncertain but we’ll get there. A talented designer engaged for the poster. Deadline for Fringe brochure is next week. Thinking of it all, the money, the work, the arguments that are sure to happen I want to dive back under my duvet where I nearly had a lie in today (nearly…THANKS Clocks-Going-Forward).

But looking through my drawer just now, I found a first draft of True Brits and it comforts me to see that it’s awful. Being able to read that through and understand why it wouldn’t work lets me see that I’ve progressed these last few months, even if it doesn’t feel like it. I’m very proud of where the script is now and, in a more practical sense, what it’s done for my career. I know that sounds crass, but it’s nice to know something you’ve written peaks interest in a way that suggests you really could make a career out of this. Still, if it’s the only thing I get to write, I think I’d be happy with that. Of everything I’ve ever written, it’s the piece that means more to me than anything else.

Roughly 4 months from now til the show goes up. Let’s get to it.

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