West Country Trains, World Music Choirs, Wicked Auditions

A somewhat haphazard weekend has just passed, beginning with a little trip down to Exeter for the ten year anniversary of the Uni’s World Music Choir. The what? Yep, Exeter Uni’s (and Crediton’s) World Music Choir was one of the many things I threw myself into and it was wonderful accent to what was an otherwise fairly typical student experience. Though I didn’t spent that long back down there, I did all my favourite things: Few pints of ale named for moorland animals, a pasty from Oggy Oggy, a chat with an old housemate and sitting in a living room singing with a group of people I mostly didn’t know. The utter lack of cynicism gave me a bit hit of nostalgia as well a welcome beat away from life in London.

The train journey there and back was long but productive and I got decent headway into the full-length script for Free Fall.  I also officially became That Guy: sat on a train, writing on my Macbook, straining to see the screen with my oh-so trendy glasses. If I passed me by, I’d have hated me.

Keeping up the productive streak, today we held auditions for the first reading of True Brits. The quality was incredibly high, just like with The Iguanodon Queen, and like with that they all brought something different into the room. It made me both humble that people bother to give a thought to my work and annoyed that there wasn’t a way to use them all and we had to pick one. I know that sounds a bit luvvie, but there it is. Luckily, because we’ll do more than one reading, we’ll have the opportunity to work with more than the one chosen this time around. Maybe I should go all I’m Not There with it and have twenty different actors (including Cate Blanchett) playing the same guy…problem solved.

2014-02-22 17.50.42

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