Process at 503

My decision to not do any short plays this year came apart quite quickly with my being part of the two-day Rapid Write Response to Theatre503’s A World Elsewhere. I’m not a particularly swift writer and this was probably the fastest I’ve written anything (from concept to writing to sending it in was half of an afternoon), so was a little concerned that I’d not done myself justice. Thankfully, cast and director held the piece up and were an absolute delight to work with – probably the fastest I’ve got onto a group’s wavelength, I’d say. That might explain why I wasn’t nervous on the first night, which has never previously been the case. It all came flooding back before yesterday’s performance though (thankfully?). I’d always taken it for a marker that you care about what you’ve written.

Was particularly heartwarming to share a platform again with Martin McNamara of Brockley Jack’s Write Now 4 fun (though no awkward photoshoots this time, alas). His piece was both the most directly responsive to the main show and I think the most accomplished though, unusually for a shorts night, they were all pretty decent without any obvious duffers – well done 503 and the curator of the night, the outgoing Literary Co-ordinator Graeme. Newcastle Live have a good one on their hands.


Process, performed at Theatre503, 9th & 10th February 2014, as part of Rapid Write Response.

Director: George Islay Calderwood

Cast: Sarah Langrish-Smith & Simon Grujich

(Some great names going on here)

The text can be found here.

Here Be Monsters (Sorry for the poor photo)
Here Be Monsters (Sorry for the poor photo)

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