The redrafting train is at full speed today and it’s all a bit “blood and guts”. Many Darlings have been Killed. I’m going to upload the first draft* to Scribed tonight and then the newer draft next week, with annotations in between as to what’s changed and why. This’ll be released publicly after the project is over and be available through a password to those who came to readings.

In other news – I’ve discovered the real purpose of rewriting is to make sure what you’re writing actually fits the blurb you’ve come up with and told people about.

*For the purposes of those following the text progression now and in the future, the draft will say “draft 5” for the old draft and “draft 6” for the newer. I’m not at *all* on draft 6 of this thing, closer to a third…I just accidentally dumped my revisions system somehow. For ease of those following though, draft 5 which is really draft 2 will be named draft 1 and draft 6 which is really draft 3 will be named draft 2. Easy, right?

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