Lonely Freelancer Initiative

IDEA: Writer/Freelancer Desk Surfing Buddy System

– I need to get work done.
– I work better when there’s someone working close by.
– The library is nice but can be soul crushing.
– Coffee shops can be a bit “theft-y”.

– Some sort of database where you list when you’d be willing to have someone use a desk/table/floor/ironing board around your place to work on.
– Likewise, others offer up the same to you.
– You put your name down next to a free “slot”, turn up, get shit done, feel good about yourself.
– Presence of someone else working spurs you on, as well as giving you someone to occasionally chat to.

The idea is that you’d get to work in lots of new places, with different people, breaking up the monotony/loneliness, maybe even sparking off some collaborations.

Imagine your favourite buddy cop movie, but less explosive and more productive. Sound good?

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