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On my way to Hamburg with a Hangover for what’s going to be a long weekend in every respect so a quick update before my brain shuts down.

Yesterday was spent re-drafting a full length script and firing it off to a couple of places. It was the first draft that this script has properly veered away from autobiography, which was initially a bit sickening but provided me with the freedom to make it a better play overall. Reverence is the enemy of craft, it seems. Write what you know, then play with what you don’t. I’m starting to feel that I’ve a fairly solid body of work now. Just need to get cracking on that feature.

I also met Eve at the Soho on Wednesday. She’s going to be directing the radio version of I Can See My House From Here, and pleased to say that not only was she fun to talk to, she seems to know her beans too. I was told that people had fought over who’d get to direct it, which is always good for the old ego.

See you soon, kids.

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