Half Year Check In

So seeing as we’re half way into the year, I took at look at my resolutions from the end of 2012. Here they are:

  • Trickle down my alcohol intake until my birthday, then nothing from there until the end of May.
  • Run (obviously). Bath Half-Marathon for Jessie May Trust, and the Edinburgh Marathon for St. Thomas Lupus Foundation.
  • See fewer people.
  • Take better care of my flat.
  • Write something everyday. Even if it’s just this.
  • Learn to meditate.
  • Improve my concentration span.
  • Finish: A full length play, a feature film, a TV pilot plus series outline.
  • Go to: Barcelona, India, Lake District, See George.
  • Read a book a month.
  • Sleep sometimes.

How have I done on this? I certainly did not trickle down my alcohol intake until May. Turns out inbetween 4.30 AM runs and trying to eat healthily, jacking in the booze was a step too far. I’ve managed to run both the half and the full marathon (USA! USA!) but that was going to happen anyway, so there’s no big whoop there. I’ve seen fewer people, though not sure how big a conscious effort that’s been as opposed to simply working all the time. I’ve tried to make more of an effort with family this year though, and I feel more adult for it.

My flat is still a bit of a state, to be honest. I’ve become more and more functional as a person. Hopefully this won’t decline into a full-blown asceticism. Will save that for my late seventies. I’ve more or less written something every day, and not too worried about that just right now. I still feel like the tanks are a bit empty and my writing isn’t at its sharpest, but I do have some ideas for the future that I’m plugging away with – you got to keep plugging, even when you’re not feeling it – so it’s just a matter of time.

I’ve not learn to meditate, something for the later in the year, perhaps. My concentration span is still a bit dire, but I’m trying to rectify it by pulling back from multitasking and only letting myself do one thing at at time. I’ve made an effort to not skip between different books and I watch films and TV full screen now rather than in a corner while I beaver away with something else. I hope this’ll let me really engage with stuff rather than watching/reading it because I feel like I should. I read a great, great article last month about how a flittering style of knowledge acquisition is poisonous. Click here to read it – it’s not that long and worth the time. I’m also dabbling in a book on how to improve my focus but, cliché punchline, I’ve not taken the time to read it properly.

I’ve sort of finished a full length play, but I’d say it’s early draft rather than properly finished. I’ve got an outline for a TV series, and I’ll definitely have written the pilot by the end of the year. Feature film still eludes me. Not sure whether to crack on with a first draft of Oath or start fleshing out a project I can shoot myself (remember: aim to write and direct a feature before I’m thirty). Stay tuned on that one.

I’ve not gone to Barcelona, nor do I see it happening, BUT I am off to Hamburg for two days on Friday which I will take as an acceptable substitute. India has to happen as part of my cousin’s wedding which (to the best of my knowledge) is still happening. Not done Lake District…maybe in October? Need to make solid plans for that to happen, it just seems so much more effort than I know it actually is.

Book a month? Done. This month was The Game which I think squished my soul.

Sleep sometimes? That’s about right. Could do with more.

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