Before Midnight & Theatre Fast

After much waiting and excitement I got myself along to see Before Midnight the other day. I’m going to write something about it shortly but first I want to catch it again and go through it methodically. For now all I will say is that after being suspicious how a third film might work, I was surprised and pleased to see that it works as a necessary corrective to the mood of the other two. More later! If you’ve got an opinion on it though, do let me know.

In other news I’ve decided to not see a single piece of theatre in July and see how I get on with that (If I should spy some prancing at Latitude Festival, that doesn’t count). I find myself enjoying shows less and less of late, and I think it’s because I’ve swamped myself a bit. So I’m pushing away for a while and will hopefully return with much whooping and hollering. Mission Drift at the Shed will be my last “hit” and I’ve heard nothing but incredible things about it so should be a great way to go out.

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