A little note on my working week. It’s been a tour so far. Monday – British Library, Tuesday – CSSD, Today – kitchen table.

What have I been up to?

– Conducted a little bit of research for Grand Romance: People’s first dates to the cinema…what they saw and how the relationship went. The classic scenarios you’d expect with a couple of surprises that might sneak into the script.

– Sketched out some ideas for my sci-fi TV series. After talking with Joe, one of my fellow Escalator Playwrights, I’ve scaled it back from 6×60 min episodes to 3×60. I’ve created a rough three series arc for it too which might be a little optimistic, but I think knowing where and how big you will take it helps give the drama presence even when it’s still small. I’m quite excited about this, actually, even though I know it won’t really go anywhere just now.

– Picked at Ayodhya a little more. I think I’m going to leave it alone now. There’s plenty I like and plenty I don’t, but better to plough that learning into new work rather than tinker with old so much you distort it from its original intended purpose.

– Considered alternate structures for True Brits. Be ready for earfuls about this, because it’s what I’ll be writing about a lot in the coming months.

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