It’s the last performance of Bump today and I’m, well, quite sad actually. Not because I won’t have a play running (though that is always nice) but because I’ve become attached to the production. It really is an actors’/director’s play and Tanith, Gopal and Tim came through for me in a big, big way. At the Q+A on Thursday I thanked the Brockley Jack for having me as part of the festival, stating it to have been one of the best things that have happened to me. It’s true, but it so nearly wasn’t to be. Basically, Tanith picked and fought for Bump right from the start and I’m delighted that her faith has paid off with a play that’s getting great feedback.

Bump has surprised me in a couple of ways. There are some moments in the play I didn’t think about much when I wrote them that I now love. Similarly, variations and line intentions that the actors brought to the piece I have now “baked” into the script. Once it gets to a certain point, good actors are much better are feeling the moments than you are.

Though I don’t believe I’ll write another play quite like Bump, I’m relieved that people I love finally got to see some of my work. The most common response I’ve had is also my favourite: “I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much.”

I know I’m not going to be the next Pinter/Beckett. With my theatre stuff, I really just want to try give people something to enjoy – giving them that for one hour when the other twenty three might be horrid makes it worthwhile to my mind. And you never know how many hours they’ll spend thinking about what they saw.

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