I’m working between three or four different projects at the moment, and whilst the energy surges between the projects, until one or two get completed, I think it’s going to be pretty frazzling.

I’m currently:

– Working on getting a slimmed down version of Ayodhya ready for Theatre Renegade’s Courting Drama night at the Bush attic in a couple of weeks. The new script is done, it’s just a matter of casting – which is no small feat.

– Writing a ten minute comedy short film, after having been recommended for it. I was considering turning it down, but the idea of writing a short, a straight comedy at that, appealed to me, and,

– I’ve decided to do a week of research on The Oath, followed by two weeks on the treatment before working to get a vomit draft of the script down in a mad rush of a week. I figure this is probably a better use of the time I have, especially I have someone who actually wants to see a treatment so need to make it good.

– Finally, I talked with Farokh at Charlotte Bence’s birthday the other day and he had some very positive things to say about True Brits, along with some incisive feedback, as per usual. His major issue I had already solved, and the other two were niggles I had and I’m glad he confirmed. I am technically taking a week off on the week commencing 8th April, but I can resist sneaking a couple of days of True Brits rewrites in there.

P.S. I watched Shifty today. It wasn’t particularly stunning but a very solid debut and a great example of a well developed script that lays all the “bombs” nicely to earn a quasi-thrillerish ending.


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