Or there abouts. So I (just about) made my one hour fifty five target for the Bath Half Marathon. I felt the injury all the way around, especially on the hills…but the biggest thing is how actually two weeks of doing nothing really sets back your training. For the first time ever, I had nothing to give for a sprint finish like I always have. Partly this was because I couldn’t get much spring off of my right foot and had in fact adjusted my running stance for most of the race, and partly just because I didn’t have that burst in me. Next time I’m injured, I have to make sure I do some other form of aerobic exercise (rowing machine or what not). On the up side, my foot isn’t gnawing at me like I thought it would be today. On the down side, every other part of my body is.

P.S. Giving high fives to kids on the side of a marathon course is one of life’s joyful moments. Two of my favourite shouts from them: “I couldn’t do this!” and “The sooner you finish, the sooner you can have a nap!” Completely untrue, but cute all the same.


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