Light Relief

So a slight break from the heaviness for some life update…

– I’ve treated myself to another pack of SX-70 film. Now I know its limits, I’m really keen to see what this baby can do for me.

– My ankle has kept me from running for nearly five days. Will try a practice half hour run tomorrow wearing my left foot orthotic and see how that goes. I’m annoyed with myself, but my calves are very grateful.

– Caught up on some reading of old classmates plays. It’s not a chore, I enjoy it, I should keep on top of it.

– Got told I need to do a tax return. I’ll enjoy that less.

– I’ve finally finished a draft of The Clapham Disco Riots. It’s silly, but I enjoy having written it.

– I’ve been crafting True Brits even though I know I should leave it alone. Given enough time, I reckon I can make it grand.

– I need a date to the HighTide season launch. It’s on my birthday! Any takers?

– On that note, I hear back from the Arts Council next week. Bricking it.

– The new Black Mirror is great and is getting more than respectable viewing figures. Brooker is good at two things: economy of writing and taking an idea to its full conclusion. Wish more were like that.

– I feel bloody burnt out. Really want to go away. Somewhere I can dig my toes into warm sand. Some soil under a 60 watt bulb would do. So much to get through though. And yet…

– Every night I go to bed restless because I’m excited about what I’ll do the next day. Who can ask for more than that?

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