Should be “URGH”. Isn’t.

Sea Monster Monday 5am half marathon done (ok, so I set out at 5.45 but still…).

Just me, the full moon, a bottle of Lucozade sport and lots of snot. London’s very lovely to go through at this time of the morning, and I basically did a tour of every embassy in town. I got fairly lucky with most of the lights and if I was going to do this route again, I would actually make sure I left at 5.00 (so getting up at 4.30). Pedestrians and traffic on the long Oxford Street stretch lead to some impromptu interval training. Dawn started breaking as I worked my way up hill from Knightsbridge to Notting Hill Gate, and it was pretty much light by the time I hit the Victoria Embankment. I preferred the darkness.

Took 2 hours bang on the nose, but that includes ten minutes warm up walk, so I’m comfortably on for a sub 2 hour half marathon, and hopefully 1h 50 if I push it. Used up 3/4 of the bottle of Lucozade and 1400 calories. That’s nearly half my daily required intake of food!

Don’t feel dead, don’t feel out of breathe, feel pretty ready for the day actually! Let’s see how long this lasts…

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