Get Off My Lawn

It’s snowing, there are no sleigh bells but there are children larking about outside in the cold, laughing, whilst I sit silently in the living room, marinating in warmth.

I’ve decided to push back writing Kaleidoscope and instead write a draft up of The Oath in time for a competition. This might sound a bit reckless, but basically I have two plays “in the system” and I miss writing film. A deadline is always a good way to shift your butt into gear, and this story has already been vetted through my MA. Considering the fact I already have a week of research on it scheduled in actually makes this a bit of a no brainer.

As it’s the only piece that I’ve written a treatment for before hand, once my research is done, I’ll return to the treatment and spend a day getting that right before committing twelve days to writing a first draft. Then onto something else for a week, review it, and another five days rewriting.

It’s not a lot of time. That’s ten pages a day, if I write a 120 page draft. May jiggle it about a bit in order to keep sanity…


I have subsequently moved things about and The Oath process now stands at:

– A day writing up notes from a meeting with Alex about Mau Mau last year and reviewing old plot structures and outlines.

– Five days research in the British Library. Books already looked up and ordered.

– One day amending my treatment, taking in research and notes.

– Twenty six days to write a first draft! That’s about five good pages a day – very do-able.

– A two week gap, during which the first draft will be sent to Farokh for comments and then finally…

– Five days to rewrite.

– One day to proofread/tidy up/make last minute changes.


That’s a schedule I like a lot better, even if it’s a bit tight on the research. I have so much of this planned out already, I am hoping that if I get the treatment done then the script will mostly take care of itself (famous last words…).

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