The End Is The Only Thing To Be Seen

Got my running out of the way last night in preparation for snow fall today. The predictions around the chaos this time around suggests to me that society, tired from successive financial crisis and environmental stress will collapse into a brutal (but fun!) snowocracy where she who bears the most snowballs will be crowned king.

While that’s happening, I will be finishing the first draft of True Brits. I’m skipping my planned trip to see Silver Linings Playbook to make it happen. I think I’m quite happy to be done with it for now, since it’s been weighing heavily on me and I want to get stuck into another piece. The way my mind works is that it really loves working as long as it’s not the thing I’m meant to be working on right now. As such, as with all my other writing, plan is to stick it in the drawer for a month. I mean literally. Here is the drawer:


Once that’s been baking for a month, I’ll take it back out, note it up, rip it apart, use my tears to glue it back together and hand it to HighTide to have their wicked way with.

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