To Do List

Today I:

– Re-registered as self employed after a hiatus of a couple of years.

– Identified a laser printer to buy, which will become my first business expense. No more CSSD printing for me, alas!

– Caught up with the BBC 2 doco series Tankies, which Alex had worked on. Fascinating and taught me a lot about an aspect of WWII I hadn’t a scooby about.

– Got up at 6am and ran for an hour and a half in the 0 degree Celsius air whilst snow fell softly all around. Worth it though, if not just for seeing the frost clinging to the outside of the Oval.

– Wrote up the notes for rewriting Ayodhya that came to me late last night.

– Added more to one scene in True Brits. 

– Finished reading Town by DC Moore (It worked well, but I felt like I’ve seen that play a hundred times before – was expecting more of the John Clare “walking home” angle that the blurb made out)

– Planned out my work schedule until the end of April. This involves getting every main bit of work I have up to scratch (Ayodhya, True Brits, A Grateful Nation and Bump) and figuring out where and when to submit them to places, writing up a couple of shorts (The Clapham Disco Riots and a little radio play version of I Can See My House From Here), putting in a week of solid research at the British Library on the long neglected The Oath and, finally, properly starting projects that I’ve had bouncing around for a while: A first draft of a the play Kaleidoscope and scribbling together a pilot + 5 other episode synopses for the TV series Starting Up. 

Now all of this is great – but I didn’t really do what I was meant to, which was a tonne of work on True Brits alone so as to absolutely get it finished for Wednesday. I still think it’s possible, I’ll just have to pull my socks up a little tomorrow! Got to get cracking on that new draft of Ayodhya next week.


[Oh! I did also get a nice e-mail from Bush Green letting me know that Bump (Draft 4) had gone through to a second round of reading with a senior reader. I submitted it back in August so whilst I’d forgotten all about it, it was a heartening surprise, especially as I wasn’t too sure what to do with that script and assumed it was a write off.]

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