The Year In Review

At the end of 2011, I said that each passing year was better than the last. Barring a major non-Mayan related catastrophe, I’d say that’s the same this time around. So let’s have a look at what I got up to.

In 2012, I:

– Quit Blinkbox. (sob – top company, top people)

– Won a competition to take part in Write to Shine workshops.

– Won a place on a BBC Writersroom workshop and was selected further workshop from there.

– Went on my first trip outside of Europe in five years.

– Got onto HighTide’s Escalator Plays programme and so sort of gaining my first commission.

– Had my work performed to a full house at the Bush Theatre.

– Had a photo exhibited in a Trendy Place in Shoreditch.

– Bought my dream camera (that Polaroid SLR I was banging on about a bit back).

– Started writing for Wry Republic

– Had over three thousand views of this blog.

– Wrote an hour long two hander (Bump).

– Finished (a poor draft of) my radio play (A Grateful Nation)

– Wrote a first draft of another full length play (True Brits – I will have this done by New Years Eve, god willing)

– Revisited two old romances: one ill-advised, the other a lot of fun.

– Starting seeing a really wonderful woman who is slowly making me less suspicious of affection and is just, you know, quite nice to me.

– Got back into games a little bit.

– Visited every Chiptole outlet in London and, thus, the UK.

– Finished Cloud Atlas (I haven’t yet, but I will!)

PROFESSIONALLY, I feel like 2012 contained my first solid steps to becoming a writer, and bears the marks of my dedicating myself to it. I didn’t get an agent, like I said I was aiming for at the end of 2011, but over the course of this year I slowly came around to the idea that it would be better to have a couple of strong pieces out in the ether before looking for representation. Would probably give me better choice, eventually. One for next year, perhaps. I did establish a working relationship with three great theatre companies, Tamasha, Made From Scratch and HighTide, which feels like it’s more important than having an agent right now anyway. I don’t think I want to go to another workshop for a while, but rather start applying and experimenting with all the techniques I was introduced to this year. Write more, stupid!

PERSONALLY, it was the first year of my life that I felt consistently confident in my work and my life. There were a couple of low points, one particularly bad, but I handled them better than I have in the past. Grateful for my friends for helping me out of the trenches. The first and last third of this year were particularly manic, with the middle one being my doldrums.

Looking to the future, my aims for 2013 are as below. Some are nailed on to happen, some are wishful thinking that I’m striving towards. Here we go.

Next year I want to:

– Travel more.

– Have the first professional staging of one of my plays.

– Get a radio play produced.

– Run a marathon!

– Make my house a home.

– Buy a better digital SLR, more matched to my style of photography (Basically, one with a greater useable ISO range)

– Write another full length play. (Kaleidoscope?)

– Write my first TV pilot and series synopsis.

– Write an intimate feature film that I could shoot myself.

– Finish researching and write The Oath. 

– Go back and do a workshop at CSSD.

– Build this out into a proper website, with the blog set seperately (I know I’ve been saying this forever but I’ll actually do it, honest!)

– Improve my pitching.

– Consistently update MonoBlogged.

– Consider other streams of income (Teaching? Trading? Gambling? Organ ‘donation’?)

That’s what the age of twenty seven holds for me, fingers crossed. Nolan started shooting Following at that age. I can do something like that. Probably.

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