The Course of An Evening

Practicing to get my Polaroid portraiture perfect. Here are some notes on the shots, moving from left to right. All taken on a Polaroid SLR 680.

Shot 1: Outside, flash, exposure set to quarter above centre. Slight blow out of skin tones, but not unpleasantly so. Keep exposure centred next time – flash compensation is doing its job outside. However…

Shot 2: Inside, flash, exposure set to centre. Bit washed out and over exposed whites pushed to yellow – much like what happens with earlier Impossible film – possibly temperature related? Perhaps around white walls/indoor lighting worth rolling down the exposure wheel a notch.

Shot 3: Inside, no flash, exposure set to slightly above centre. The shutter stayed open perceptively longer to bring in enough light. Resulting in deep blacks, rich orange tone. White balance not quite natural and very light blur, but satisfying image.

Getting there. The Impossible Color Protection film seems to be a faster speed than original Polaroid stock, so I think in general it’s worth shooting for slight underexposure. It’s how I prefer to shoot digitally anyway, so will try see where it takes me.

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