Last night I went on my annual pilgrimage to see the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition. I don’t think it was quite as resonant as last year, but did make me want to fool around with my SLR 680 more. Somehow I’ve managed to crack the top of the plastic casing on that already. Depressing! How have I done that?! I mean I’d heard they were fragile, but I treat this thing like a baby. Will have to start carrying it around in bubble wrap.

In other news, an updated version of the very first stage thing I ever wrote is on next Sunday, the 2nd December, as part of a festive themed scratch night run by Made From Scratch Theatre. Exactly a month after the last scratch night, so it seems the end of 2012 is being very kind to me. It’s at Rich Mix in Shoreditch. You know you wanna come….here’s the link to the tickets. Bought them? Good. Now I can tell you that the piece itself could be better: Not hugely dramatically active and it’s a tad schmaltzy in parts, but appropriately honest in general so it earns its Christmassiness, I feel.

Now. Time to finish off slaying this Arts Council Application….

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