New Years Resolutions

Getting to it early this year, this is what I have listed so far. Some familiar old failures, some new ones waiting to be:

  • Trickle down my alcohol intake until my birthday, then nothing from there until the end of May.
  • Run (obviously). Bath Half-Marathon for Jessie May Trust, and the Edinburgh Marathon for St. Thomas Lupus Foundation.
  • See fewer people.
  • Take better care of my flat.
  • Write something everyday. Even if it’s just this.
  • Learn to meditate.
  • Improve my concentration span.
  • Finish: A full length play, a feature film, a TV pilot plus series outline.
  • Go to: Barcelona, India, Lake District, See George.
  • Read a book a month.
  • Sleep sometimes.

Some of these are cheating (I will, for example, have a play done and will be going to India for my cousin’s wedding). Others I really should be doing anyway, like the book. I read a lot, just not novels, but I think that’ll help with my concentration. First up? Remove the albatross around my neck that is Cloud Atlas. 

So far, I’ve read a whole nine pages.

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