Last night I saw my mum’s dad off to India, which means that all three of them are now out the country til at least February. Dad’s in Cambodia, step mum off on the 24th to join him. Just us kids left hanging about.

I got to my granddad’s a bit earlier than everyone else and asked him a few more question about his time in Kenya, as part of my on going research for The Oath (which, for new readers, is my coming-of-age drama set amongst the Mau Mau Rebellion of the 1950s). Some fascinating stories came out of it that he’d not mentioned before, including that the British Army had tried to conscript him before his boss insisted he could not be released due to the essential work he was (apparently) doing. The politics between native Kenyans, Asians and British was even more complex than I first thought, so I definitely need to find some other first hand sources while they’re still around to talk.

In other tidbits: 

– I’m off to see The Master in 70mm today, which is a moment I’ve been waiting for for the last two years. Will be doing a (video!) piece about it for Wry Republic which could be fun. I don’t think I ever look as animated as when I’m talking about movies that I love.

– My Polaroid SLR 680 came through yesterday, and I think I’m a little bit in love. It’s got the lot: nice lens, sexy folding body, in built flash, and an autofocus that uses sonar. SONAR!! I’ve taken the SX-70 to get fixed, so all my tooling around is focused on the 680. It’s an exquisite piece of engineering and I can’t wait to learn how to use it properly. The new Impossible Project Color Protection film is, I can finally say it, on par with the old Polaroids. They take half an hour to develop, but you don’t need to shield them from the light and they come out looking pin sharp and deep with colour. So, Impossible Project, now that that’s done, either put another two shots in each pack or take down the price, Please?

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