My marathon training is going to start in earnest come January. I have the Bath Half for the Jessie May foundation and the Edinburgh full for the St. Thomas Lupus Trust.

What this means is that January til May will be a time of “Fun austerity” – proper eatings, little drinkings and a regular running schedule again that involves bailing on lots of nights out. In order to prepare for this, I’m trying to save some money til the end of November and throw it in to the most incredibly Hedonistic December. A little bit like Pancake Day and using all the fat before packing in the good stuff to celebrate (?) our Fallen Lord, I will try to have a bloody good time over the course of that month before forcing myself to eat so much pasta and broccoli over the next five.

I will put up an attempted schedule of events shortly, and you’re all welcome to join so suggestions welcome.

Writing wise, I think I’ve found a decent linear structure for True Brits. I’m on the verge of merging two characters, which I’d rather not do since I believe they serve different functions, but if I only want the piece to be an hour, it’s getting a bit bloated. Need to be lean with a monologue – I’ve already spent many an hour slaughtering my darlings*. As for funding, I’m slowly wrapping my head around the ACE forms. Having to decide how many people my work has benefited in the last month is a little amusing (how grand and self-promoting can I be, I wonder?) but it’s all necessary. I’ve been doing research on ethnic mixes in the East of England to back up some of my wilder claims and also fired off some e-mails to various organisations, which will hopefully respond before I have to hand my first draft in to Rob next week. Remember: The first draft of everything is shit. Just need to say that to myself over and over and it’ll be ok.

*This is a writing term. No need to get all Jimmy Stewart on me just yet.

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