Aesthetic Creep

I’m trying to find a non-weird way of saying “There’s nothing more captivating than a well captured photo of a beautiful woman.” Beauty being widely defined* and not necessarily just physical and there being bonus points if she’s sat next to an open window.

Without trying to sound like a poncey artist or massively misogynistic, I’m inspired by the women in my life. The fiery ones, the pretty ones, the funny ones, the absurdly clever ones, the sad ones. My sisters, my grandma, the woman who runs the dry cleaners, all of these are my muses, and I love trying to write great roles for them.

*In my first year of university, a girl asked me “Do you think I’m pretty?” I thought on this for a moment and replied “There are different types of pretty…” . I feel the seeming brevity of my thought process belied the actual depth of my consideration. Basically, I figured that she was really asking “Do you think most people would say I’m pretty?” I took her for an astute lass and I was aware that she’d know I was lying if I said “yes.” She wasn’t conventionally pretty, no, but I still believed she was attractive and so wanted to qualify my answer. But before I could get past “different types of pretty”, I got a fairly firm slap. Just say “yes”, kids.

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