It Begins

Today is the Tamasha rehearsal for True Brits over at Rich Mix, which I’ve never been to. It’s only for a couple of hours, and I don’t think I’ll be asked too much if anything at all but still quite nervous. This is where you see if what you’ve written comes off at all. If a good actor can’t play it, you have a problem to fix. My main worry is that the play has a slow start, establishing world, character sympathy and hinting at what’s to come. My thinking for it was very much like multi-stranded narrative films with temporal jumps – what you’ve seen doesn’t necessarily make sense or connect to what’s before or immediately after but you know that it will eventually. The audience for Friday won’t get to see that “eventually”, but hope their interests are peaked. We’ll see!

Hightide Breakfast 10 a.m. tomorrow, followed by opening night reception for the South Asian Literature Festival. Hectic, but in the very best way.

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