Catch Up

Been busy with the whole writing thing, you’ll be pleased to know, whilst simultaneously setting up life for the next few months. So what’s news?

Got my blood tests back – turns out I’m all good, even have very high levels of good cholesterol so go me. I celebrated by going out and getting spannered. This means that, couple of foot niggles aside, I’m all clear for the Edinburgh Marathon that I’ll be running on the 26th May next year. Training spins up properly in January, will try not to talk about it till then.

I found out the other day that I’ve made the interview list from the Hightide shortlist for Escalator Plays, and that’ll be next Tuesday. Looking forward to that, since I almost quite enjoy interviews, if that makes sense. Having a conversation, getting challenged – s’what writing’s all about, innit. Hopefully I’ll get it, since I’d love the opportunity to develop a play outside of London. If you’re from “the regions” as they’re called, you can make a name there AND in London. If you’re already from London then, to paraphrase Mike Bartlett, then you’re really fucked. Going to Exeter refreshed my mind, working out of London again would do the same.

I’ve started watching movies again, thank God, so I’ve got a feel for that again. Was really looking forward to Rhian Johnson’s Looper, but it left me a little disappointed. Like Richard Kelley before him, he seems to have brought a lot of fantastic ideas on his jump up but just not quite nailed them together or exploited them fully. I’m glad it’s been a commercial hit because I think he’ll knock it out of park next time. Saw Duncan Macmillian’s Lungs at the weekend as part of Paines Plough’s Roundabout season. CSSD alumni all over the shop.

Er what else…I somehow have slipped into having something on every night. Need to calm that down a little bit or I’ll be run down. Clearly what I’ve been feeling of late is not a biological issue, just a man in severe need of social adjustment for sanity’s sake. Oh, and I have a whiteboard up in my room now, which I guess makes me a real boy writer and also lets me mull on which project to approach next.

New full length play (Kaleidoscope), dark-funny-romance feature film (Midnight), coming-of-age-historical-action-drama feature film (The Oath) or comedy-drama TV series (Starting Up) – what do you reckon, kids?

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