Hurry, Murray

So stayed up to listen to Andy Murray win the US Open. Bleary eyed, but totally worth it. Now he needs to get on and bag a few more…

I found my Write to Shine notes (they are spread across three notebooks – why have I got three notebooks?!) and, as I suspected, they are not exactly extensive but will give them a once over this morning.

I also emailed my old tutor, John Donnelly, and asked if he could tell me a few good/interesting/inventive monologues to look at. He suggested the below, which I’ll share with you. Cheers, John!:

*Random by Debbie Tucker Green
*Sea Wall by Simon Stephens
4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane (can and has been performed by one actor)
This Lime Tree Bower AND *St Nicholas by Conor McPherson (found in his collected ‘Four plays’)
Nightingale and Chase by Zinnie Harris (2 interlocking monologues)
*Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett (is this a monologue? Krapp converses with audio tapes of his younger selves)
Catalpa by Donal O’Kelly
Pumpgirl by Abbie Spallen is interlocking monologues
For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide by Ntozake Shange
*The Fever by Wallace Shawn
Mauser by Heiner Muller (contains sections/elements of monologues)
*Sports Play by Elfriede Jelinek (contains sections/elements of monologues)
Also, my own play Bone (3 interlocking monologues).


Of these, I’m only really familiar with Sea Wall, which I love, and 4.48 Psychosis. I have Krapp’s Last Tape knocking about somewhere so might hit that first.

Might stay away from the interlocked ones, else that might tempt me into bringing another character into it. But maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Could be the sister, that’s the natural fit, but then people might think it’s too similar to Peter Kominsky’s Britz, especially if he’s kinda the apologist and she’s the hardliner. It’s completely different, really, but the superficial similarities would perhaps be a bit too much. Besides – I’m here for the challenge of writing an hour long, one person aren’t I? I was thinking last night, in between sets, that if I want to find an interesting way to present this, I need to find the courage to go beyond naturalism in my theatre writing, but more on that later.

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