“Trust Me, It’ll Work”

I love to say this phrase. It’s not because I’m some sort of artistic visionary or diva – if anything I’m never anywhere near that confident about my stuff, but a rare few sometimes I’ve had an idea in my head that I know is a hard pitch and doesn’t come off in the description but I just have the feeling that it’ll absolutely work so invoke these words to quell the doubters.

A few times on my CSSD course I got slated for a script I’d written. Mostly I took that absolutely on the chin because my critics were right and I was there to learn. There were a couple of moments though when I just knew if they could see the finished article they’d love it. A few months after dropping one of these “trust me”s, my main tutor saw the piece performed, turned and gave me a thumbs up. Best thumbs up ever.

And so onto this piece I’m writing at the moment…I was crippingly uncertain about it to the point of non-writing. What’s the point if you don’t believe in it? But I forced myself to sit down and sketch out the path of the thing, and after a few hours I pulled away from my desk and started nodding like a Churchill Dog.

“It’s gonna work.”

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