My marathon training routine is suddenly starting to bite. More frequent runs, at a higher intensity, out for longer periods of time. I admit, a little shame-facedly, that I’ve skipped a couple of sessions already. Strange to think that for a man with an adaptable work routine, I can’t find one hour to run, five times a a week.

This is partly due to my preferred running time of between ten and eleven at night, which means by the time I’m back and showered, it’s close to/gone midnight and I’m still pumping. I run at that time because while my running route is very picturesque, it’s also ludicrously busy and I don’t want to spend an hour smashing into pedestrian. A gym treadmill for me, perhaps?

I’m also faced with a dilemma most of you would hate me for in that I can’t seem to stop dropping the pounds. I’m not exactly Mr. Chubs to begin with, so a routine that sloughs off over a sixth of my daily calorie intake is problems. Discussing this with Crawf, clearly the solution is a combination of beers and cake.

Will endeavour to not post too much about this in future, since I know it’s not exactly a scintillating read, but just needed to get that down!

Writing wise, having an interesting dilemma: Finish what I’m working on – a slightly indulgent project – or focus on a relatively new piece that is unarguably more ‘current’, and thus seemingly more the sort of thing new writing places want. For now, I’ll skip that by filling in another application form. I am a Level Seven Application Master now.

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