In Translation

A year ago, Mark Tilton, a tutor of mine from CSSD, asked if he could send the script for Three Things to his friend Kim. She’s a Berlin based actress and was looking for English pieces to try out. I was more than happy to oblige.

Today, she sent me a video of her performance, which you’ll find below:

It was very surreal watching this. It’s a tough piece to do in one take, and I think she’s done a grand job – I guess I’ll never get used to seeing my work performed, hearing my words from an unexpected mouth, but also the unfamiliarity with the performer made me see the piece afresh and I’m quite proud of it.

What’s really fascinating for me is that while Kim has her own take on the piece and her intonation/stresses are different due to the language, at times her mannerisms are just the same as when Neve did it. Cool, no? What I’d really love to see is this translated into German and performed like that. Will work on that…(when I get any sort of time).

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