Having just talked about my time suck for the next few days, I thought I might as well let you know where everything is, and what I’ve done with it in the last month or so:

– Bump: As good as done as it will be for now. Sent it to ORL, Hightide & Bush, and Natalie is having a scan over it to see if there’d be anything troublesome with my staging it myself. Might send it to a couple more places – the Hampstead, perhaps – but we’ll see.

I Can See My House From Here: I am waiting for Mr. Facey to get back to me – he appears to have a great lead on skydiving cameramen! – though I seem to recall him having a deadline this week so might have to sit on that.

– Free Fall:  Re-wrote it up as a TV script (I think I could actually have done a better job on this so will revisit) and sent it into both Coming Up and Sir Peter Ustinov Prize. The latter was more of a punt, but always good to have a deadline, but think it’d work well for Coming Up.

Keval Mehta: Notes for a redraft are basically done, and it’s going to be much better, but will wait til I have a deadline to aim for.

Clapham Disco Riots: First, rubbishy, draft done. Will shape it up and hand it into Little Pieces of Gold. 

– Short Back & Sides: Wrote up both the short version and the twenty five page version. Will leave the short as it is and wittle the longer version into a tight twenty pager. One of my first plays, it’s still a nifty number to have in the locker for a short play evening. Might even consider putting it in for Little Pieces instead, but will have to muse on that decision.

Kaleidoscope: Got Alex to read a scene from this on Sunday so I could hear it back. Seems slightly melodramatic out of context but it did confirm to me that, if I pull this play off as I intend to, it will be the best thing I’ve written so far. Would also be my first, proper, full length play since Ayodhya. 


Applied for 24 Hour Plays using a section of Free Fall. I don’t know if I’m the sharpest in the moment, but it’d be an opportunity to meet a decent director, which is what I’m looking for.

Applied to some agents, though not sure how useful that will have been ’til I’ve got something up to stage. Still, worth making the contact.

Wrote three full length articles, and applied to write for a South East London Zine.

Being exhibited at Boxpark in East London, thanks to Damola and the Capture Collective.

Preliminary job hunt is promising. More on that another time…

Everybody Lives in Clapham, The Oath & Grace are all in the freezer for now. Not a deep freeze, they’re ready to be worked on at a moment’s notice, but others take priority just right now.

So yeah! Pretty full on. Once I’m done with Kaleidoscope, I am taking a holiday. Started saving my freelance article money towards it already. Any suggestions, let me know. Thinking Florence or Barca…

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