The Commercial Movie Rises

After a slightly later than intended start due to my post closing ceremony concert sleeplessness, Martin turned up at The Ministry, and we got cracking with Commercial Movie at long last. The idea here is that Martin’s taken four days out and we’re going to break the story completely (and hopefully get some of written) in that time off.

Yesterday started fairly well – Martin suggested that we  break two stories if we could. A thriller and a comedy. That seemed reasonable, and we made some decent headway, using diagnostic questions that Tony had given me from CSSD, whilst walking a lot and drinking a tonne of coffee. However, while the morning session was a peach, the afternoon hit us with a rather large, movie destroying plot hole. This sort of laid us up, and we kept having to reset (“Ok, so there’s this woman, and she’s a cleaner…” I think I repeated that phrase at least ten times).

We flicked our focus to comedy, where we (well, Martin mostly to give him his due) pitched increasingly ridiculous concepts, which were hilarious to us but very much not Commercial Movie, at least not good ones. But, just after lunch, just as it seemed despair was about to trample over our faces on his white horse of mockery, we hit upon a decent comedy idea. One that was simple, clean, commercial and very much from what we knew. It’s not stunningly original, but it’s the sort of thing that we’d both want to watch if done well. It’s going to be one of those films where you come for the concept, and stay for the amusing character detail and intricate hijinx-ery. Hopefully.

So putting thriller to one side for the while, we started thrashing it out, asking the relevant hard questions, and decided a plan of action for today.


Day 1 (Monday) – Concept agreed upon, slight refinements made, loose structure attached.

Day 2 (Tuesday) – Flesh out characters, aims, secrets, relationships.

Will let you know how we get on!

P.S. Martin also introduced me to Louie. It’s simply brilliant. Look it up.

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