Death to Commercial Movie!

We got what we needed to get done today, and quite early, although started to lose our way towards the end and started to disassemble it. Agreeing that we were creatively maxed out, we called it a day around eight and agreed to meet early tomorrow to see if we can fix it. I was pretty put out by that end, especially since we’d made solid progress earlier.

I went for a run to keep up training (I’m on for a 10k time that’s three minutes faster, which isn’t a bad start) and clear my head and I realised that we haven’t yet given ourselves permission to write a shit draft.

And you really, really have to do that. Will take that idea to Martin tomorrow, and say we should crack on with scenarios. Doesn’t matter if it all doesn’t quite hang together – it won’t. Let’s try make it work.

– Day 3 (Wednesday): Come up with some fun time caper-filled set piece scenarios, originating from the character and relationship work we did on Tuesday.


In other news, Martin has given me permission to expand on an initial idea of his, so at some point, I’m going to write a film that’s a sort of Before Sunrise set in the criminal underworld of late night London. Dark, romantic, funny.

I’m getting close to burn out at the moment. Potentially going to Amstedam, thanks to some organising from Emma and Zoe has, very kindly, repeated her offer for me to stay in Italy at some point. I did absolutely love it there, and I wrote some of my best stuff, even if it ended under what we shall euphemistically call a cloud. Might be worth considering before jumping back into full time work.

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