Snookered is a play by Ishy Din, taxi driver turned playwright. It chronicles a night in the life of four British Asian of varying degrees of Muslim from up norf (well, Middlesborough), who reunite to remember the death of a friend. I really wanted to catch this while it was on at the Bush, but it clashed with some massive deadlines so never got around to it.

Having read the play, I’m even more gutted. What strikes me most about it is the way it evokes a sense of place very subtly through the accents and the quality of the objects/shops/people that surround them. I especially like the barman who, in another play, might have turned out to be a massive character in the end, has these little bits of action that ground the piece, letting you know that what’s going on here isn’t just a normal evening for these guys, nor is what they’re saying necessarily “the way it is”. The dialogue is pacy – I wonder what the running time was? The Bush site is a bit inconclusive. (Either 75 mins or 95). It’s a very simple play, but the best things are, aren’t they? Even Charles Spencer liked it, which is something (added bonus – Xenophobic Comments Section Express).

Next up is Laura Wade’s “Other Hands”. Not read anything of hers apart from Posh (the older version, not the more recent one) and listened to her radio play Hum, which was very decent.

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