Writing Update

My current strategy is to write Kaleidoscope while procrastinating by re-writing Keval Mehta.

Bump reached draft two and, after some extensive feedback from one Farokh Soltani, it’s verging on draft three. Some slight structural shifting in order to ramp the drama more effectively and tinkering with reactions to make sure the conflict is present and building throughout. Kanika’s imposed me a deadline of midnight tonight to finish it and send it to her, which seems fair enough. It’ll definitely be better than the first draft she suffered through. I can then set it aside til reading on August 1st with Si and Mark and use what comes out of that to punch it up to a fourth draft. I’m really liking this piece, and would love to get it staged.

Kaleidoscope is coming along nicely. Slowly clarifying what it’s all about. I tell you what…after writing the one scene, hourish long play that is Bump, I am loving being able to shift time and location. What a gift! This is how the humans must’ve felt about space travel after thousands of years of being grounded by the God Emperor half-man-half-worm, Leto Atreides II (That’s right, that’s a Dune reference).

Haven’t touched Keval Mehta for a bit but, as I said, that’s being sorted. Will draw out more of the elements that’ll make it fun to hear on a radio.

Written about half of The Clapham Disco Riots, which I will aim to get ironed out for Little Pieces of Gold in October. I think it’ll quite be an enjoyable, silly take on the last August’s shenanigans.

Projects down the line

I’ve typed up the entire twenty five pages of my extended Christmas Truths play (now Short, Back & Sides). I will cut it down by ten or so pages, and then rewrite. The short version I still really like, but there’s a solid twenty to twenty five minute piece in here that I might as well get up to scratch for my portfolio.

Commercial Movie is still a go-go. Need to send Martin some ideas so we can get an outline done before our four day writing burst, which begins on August 13th.

For my faith play (tentatively titled Grace), I’ve interviewed Rachel, which was some illuminating research, and great to see her always anyway.

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