It’s Not Finished…It’s Finished


I’ve just finished draft two of Bump! I sliced out a lot of fat and stuffed a bit more meat in there and, to continue the analogy, I’ve sent it out to the steak house floor to see if the customers chomp or choke on it. If that’s a bit elaborate: I’ve emailed it to some trusted colleagues to read and give me notes.

So til those come in, I’m free to work on Kaleidoscope, while sheepishly rewriting Mehta into something that actually dramatises its themes. Because that’d be a drama like it’s meant to be, instead of a lecture. ‘Til the morning, kids.

UPDATE: Looking at the raw numbers, Bump is twice the length pagewise and words wise of Free Fall. That play ran approximately 35-40 minutes long. It had a couple of monologues, including a monster two-pager at the end, whereas Bump has just the one so, revising down a little…Bump’s probably in the region of fifty minutes to an hour. Which means I’ve done it! I’ve accomplished my goal of a two-hander-one-scene-hour(ish) long piece. Let’s just hope the reading bears that length out and that the notes don’t say “yeah, just cut most of it out”.

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