Big Call

Last night, as I was trying to drift off, a new idea for a play came to me, pretty much fully formed.

I say “new idea”, it was more of a slow knocking of one faint image into another, and on and on until it avalanched and I had to get up to scrawl it all down to still my racing mind. A frantic few minutes later and in front of me was an outline for a full length piece, structured in a manner that I had first encountered on Write to Shine but had never used. Looking at this thing in front of me, realising how rare a moment it was, I knew I had to just get on and write this piece. That means: “write it now”.

I realise this involves pushing Clapham back another month again, but I’ve learnt the lesson of not following up on an idea when it’s in the white heat and think I can get a draft of this idea out pretty fast. So yep. Today I finish draft 1.75 of Bump, and start on what I will codename Kaleidoscope for now. On initial viewing, it seems strongly influenced by Joe Penhall’s Pale Horse (which I adore) and Far Away by Caryl Churchill (which I didn’t expect). Let’s see how much those sticks during the writing.

Speaking of Bump, I think it will end up being a decent little piece. I had a real breakthrough with it yesterday, and after the reading on August 1st, will see how much it’s come along. Will send it to Farokh and John Higgins tonight for feedback.

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