Three Things

H’okay, today I continue Movie Monday with a video/script post for you, which I’m sure you’re very excited by. Below is a film made from a script I wrote as part of a CSSD collaboration with the MA Acting for Screen Actors.

The performers are Sam Stephenson and Neve Faulkner, who gave me a lot in a very short period of time, and it was filmed and edited (i.e. had that recording effect put on it) by a fella called Marlon whose surname escapes me. Since half our class were shooting with the same equipment in one day, we didn’t have too long to film this, which is a real shame since I’d have used the time for more takes. Though I’m pleased with this performance, I could see that Neve was on the verge of a truly exceptional, textured take but alas, I bowed to pressure to move on (despite us not having used our allotted time) and robbed her of the chance to go for it. If you’re reading this Neve, I’m sorry I didn’t fight your corner – the work you put in to this deserved better. Anyways, lesson learned there – have a look and, if you want to compare,  the (slightly modified) script can be found here.

On a side note, it was fascinating seeing this run in rehearsal: The three page script would end up anywhere between three-four minutes, so roughly following the ‘minute a page’ film guide to over six as in the video above. Monologue – the script supervisor’s nightmare…

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