Silent Conversation in a London Café

– Don’t say anything but…The man behind me was just comparing his life to Mad Men. 

– I saw that man. While I was waiting at bar. I would not have compared him, in any way, to mad men 
– Ouch 
One day I think we should play out an entire evening like this
– Yes! 
We can talk about everyone around us as much as we want. 
– Exactly. And usually I can’t wait for you to *stop* talking whereas this is the opposite. 
When you get a chance, peek downstairs and tell me the winner of the most pretentious Competiton. 
– Ok. I’ll head down in moment. Who do you think Is on a date here? Guy at bar?
– Definitely. Also the worlds shittest double date opposite. 
That woman that just passed: stood up?
– Missed the woman who passed us. THAT woman opposite us is AWFUL. She is talking so loudly and talking about discounts on dresses…to two blokes. They don’t care!!! No one cares. 
– Don’t lie. You care. Woman at bar defo on date or secretly in love. Watch her smile. 
The guy opposite looks like he’s about to jump off the railing any second
These are good nuts. To quote woody Allen, the guy behind us sounds like FM radio. 
– I don’t care. I really don’t. And she is STILL talking about dresses. 
The woman at bar has moved. They are sitting down. It’s serious. They might go for food later. 
The Nuts are spicy. The man behind is a bit of a plonker. 
– Definitely a date. When he got up, his trousers were super tight. No man wears trousers that tight unless they want to impress. 
Ok. I agree on the nuts. Let’s speak. 

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