Where Will My Projects Be In Two Months?

Today I went through my finances and I’ve scrimped sufficiently and had enough freelance work come in to mean that I can extend my writing run til the 6th of September. Great news! I’ll try and stretch it even longer than that if I can. So looking ahead, what will I have done or rather what do I plan to have done by that date? Below is a list of what I’m shooting for. For reference, I take “3rd draft” as my point of saying it’s done. I mean it’s never done but as good as I feel I can get it for now.

Here we go:

Bump (3rd draft)

Keval Mehta (3rd draft)

Commercial Movie (1st draft + extensive revision notes made)

Everybody Lives in Clapham  (2nd draft + some revision notes made)

– Grace/ECU Play (outlined)

What this should mean is that I’ll have a two decent scripts, plus a body of work to tinker with and improve, which doesn’t take as much initial investment as pounding those first couple of drafts out. If you read this regularly, you might notice my plans have shifted a little. I’ve opted not to progress with the sitcom I was planning just yet in order to work on Commercial Movie a bit more. As a writer, I think it’s a sound choice since I look forward to working with someone else on a project, especially someone as talented as Martin (and I’ll let the sitcom ferment in my mind anyway). We seem to be circling around a dark romantic-comedy…a Martin McDonagh version of Annie Hall perhaps.

I saved writing Everybody Lives in Clapham (well, saved reconceiving it again) til the end of my time because I knew it needed to lose the vitriol and shift up into a playful satire and the best time to write that was when I was feeling confident and sharpest as a writer. I’m in that place at the moment so really looking forward to getting on with that and finally nailing it. I’m going down to Cornwall on the weekend of the 17th of August with some Exeter people, so I’ll take draft one down there for a read-through.

After this all, have a tonne of other ideas, including bringing back to life a couple of concepts I found intriguing but stashed away. You’re only as good as your next project, don’t you know…

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