Reasons To Be Grateful

Taking the thread of Laura’s “reasons to be cheerful“, I’m going to do a quick list of things I’m grateful for before I get down to work. Seems like a worthy morning exercise. Ready? Here goes:

– The glory that is the internet. It’ll be the best thing we’ve invented ’til we get all up into space properly.

– Comfortable jeans.

– Having my hand back.

– That my eyes, more or less, converge focus on the same point.

– That my family came to England.

– The boys of Racing Maylan.

– My friend Jen. I hardly ever see her but she’s one of the most important people I’ve ever met. Basically taught me to see emotional (sometimes over) sensitivity as a virtue, rather a failing, and how to channel it better. I don’t think I’d be writing today if I hadn’t have met her. Though I might be more gainfully employed!

– Quesadillas.

– Natural daylight.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back later, folks.

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