Today…is our Independents Day

Quick post this one…

Lower Marsh is one of my favourite streets in London. Of course it helps that it’s practically around the corner from my flat, but the convenience takes nothing away from its brilliance. It’s a little ramshackle, sure, which is why it’s subject to a potentially disastrous redevelopment but for now it’s glorious. Two rows of independent stores, studded with the occasional bigwig (but inoffensive ones like Rymans, Greggs and Tesco). There are also trader stalls, mostly full of tasty lunchtime treats.  Today they’re all pushing the national “Love Your Independents Day” so just thought I’d do my bit and mention on here. The businesses around Waterloo really are brilliant and are an example of community in action.

Click here for more information and get yourself down there if you can. There’s a raffle, a knitting group, a BBQ…hell, even the Dulux dog (not on the BBQ).

As a reward, you’ll get this:


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