Bearings – 133 Word Play for The Royal Court’s “South Side Stories”

A: It’s so great to see you.

B: How’s all in Victoria?

A: Victoria’s dust. I’m done with it.

B: Best thing for you.

A: I never learn.

B: You’re right to get out of there.

A: Not sure what happens now.

B: Well. There’s an opportunity.

A: Oh?

B: Could come back here.

A: To Elephant.

B: S’not so bad.

A: I know…

B: It’s safe. I got a sofa bed.

A: I should move North. The whole world is North.

B: Elephant is north, further north than Victoria

A: Really?

B: God’s honest, check.

Told you.

A: Weird, never realised.

B: Nobody does.

A: Cause it’s south of the Thames.

B: But North London relatively.

A: Yeah. Still.

B: I’m North. I am.

A: Tell that to the river.

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